Change and feature requests

Discrete changes, (ie. not expected to impact on other system functions) are periodically removed for clarity. Complex requests with wider implications may be moved to known issues. There are also bug reports.

1 medium show organization affiliations (on profile? elsewhere?) Pending
2 medium publish world map datastore CSV template Pending
3 medium HOW TO: adding a free map to organizations websites Pending
4 medium “view on world map” link for pins Pending Build CKAN API search request
5 medium Events dataset and APP using API Pending Develop CKAN API add / edit / search request?
6 medium Email notifications / UI alerts one month before pin expiry Pending
7 medium Eventbrite events on community pages Under review
8 medium Sponsorship on community pages Under review
9 medium CKAN groups on community pages Under review
10 medium Better profile privacy options on Dashboard? Under review
11 medium Review layout and design of pin pop-ups on community pages and on world map Under review
12 medium Develop UI APP layer (GROUP CHAT AND VIDEO CONFERENCING?) Under review

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