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Please read the known issues. You can also submit a change request.

1 At the moment the system doesn't handle non-english characters like å, æ, ç, è, é, ê and so on.Fixing all main languages (French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portugese etc.) *IS* a priorityEg. need to remove the é from Montréal and enter Montreal this should work

Tips on submitting bug reports

Good: Clicking on View pin on the profile page logs out user session

Bad: The profile page is broken

Good: Sponsor link on pop-up doesn't work on world map page

Bad: I have recently updated my iPad and tried viewing my profile but it's still not working

Writing precise steps to reproduce

The steps to reproduce a suspected fault are the most important part of any bug report. If you are able to reproduce the bug, the bug is very likely to be fixed. If the steps are unclear, it might not even be possible to know whether the bug has been fixed.

Good: I expected to see the location display correctly in row 1 in the pop up on the world map when I clicked on the pin but the location data is clipped short outside the pop-up.

Bad: BUG: The location isn't showing properly, it was working yesterday so it might be because I've updated windows.

When is a bug not a bug?

They move from probably yes it's a bug at the top of the list (#1) to “mainly feedback” (likely not a bug at the bottom of the list).

Change requests are welcome.

  1. Is something not working as designed? (check the specification - if there is one)
  2. Does it interfere with the user's ability to use the site?
  3. Can you make it happen more than once?
    • If only once…does it create a significant negative outcome?
  4. Does it interfere with the user's enjoyment of the product?
  5. Is the behaviour caused by unconventional or inconsistent use of the site - eg. by having simultaneous logins open at different role permission access?
  6. Is it not the optimal way to carry out a task?
  7. Did you expect something else to happen, in a different way?

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