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Sponsoring Places is currently trialling verification badges for information validated by a third party, (either an online payment provider or a bank).

Verification is a low cost way to build trust, confidence and a good reputation.

It also helps us to provide extra levels of validation for data, for example for profiles showing on the world map.

Proceeds from sponsorship and verification are used to pay for the maintenance and development of the project for the community.

Sponsoring a Place

Complete the sponsorship process by:-

  1. Completing the short sponsor form
    • Verification will be confirmed by email normally within 24 hours
  2. Enter a link to your own web page or social network account using the Profile form within your dashboard.
  3. Add your verification badge to your other social profiles such as Facebook or LinkedIn or your blog or website.


What is a sponsored account?

Any account with a verified badge on their profile is an account verified by a third party.

How to identify a sponsored account

The verified badge appears on profile pages linked from verified markers for accounts verified through a third party.

Do sponsored accounts have access to extra features?

Yes, although we want to maintain an even playing field for everyone.

We do this by creating a clear gap between data published on the world map dataset and the data supplied by practitioners.

This enables us to supplying unbiased data about the shape of the community to everyone.

For reasons of data quality, privacy and openness we have chosen not to develop our own trade directory.

Sponsored account holders can add the badge to their own website and in any other promotional materials if they wish.

Sponsored accounts also have full access to The Exchange.

Can an account lose its sponsored status?

Yes, an account may lose its paid status if payment isn't made or in violation of the legal terms.

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