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is a trading name of YUJ C.I.C.. We are an independently regulated Community Interest Company. This type of company is designed to offer public confidence by promising to be run for the community rather than for private benefit while avoiding the strict regulations of running a charity.

We are a web app development agency. We prefer to handle the whole shebang, from initial concept right through to final finishing touches.

Every year the company has to submit an annual report to a public register along with its annual company accounts and satisfy a community interest test showing its activities somehow contribute towards benefiting the community and that it is engaging appropriately with stakeholders in carrying out its purposes. Party political activities are not allowed.

An asset lock also ensures that the assets and profits of the company are dedicated to the benefit of the community and not for rewarding shareholders and directors. A dividend cap ensures shareholders do not adversely deplete the assets of the company while also discouraging corporate takeovers and venture capitalists from investing.

The demand was for an icon for a web app, an open data web portal, a website and for social networks.

Using the 'informative' font, the icon uses the same font as the logo, but the characters have been moved to overlap with each other and produce a new result.

The icon contains adaptions of all the letters in arranged almost as if they are two human figures embracing each other. This is meant to symbolize mutuality, and neatly summarize our work which is technological innovation for the publics benefit.

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