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Our systems have been designed to protect personal information, and ensure that the information held is safe, and only used in accordance with the permissions that have been given.

In particular, we have created two, independent systems - one to store general geospatial data and another to store more sensitive, personal and attitudinal data of practitioners.

We do not send unsolicited, commercial bulk email messages (SPAM) or share your personal data so advertisers can target you like some social networks.

The company that manages the systems is a registered data controller under strict data protection laws in the UK under Registration Number: ZA131105.

In brief...

  • Although the information we process is handled through a professionally managed data center in Germany and our operations are global in scope, most all of our staff are based in the UK and we take our responsibilities for making sure we comply with the UK Data Protection Act very seriously.
  • Senior staff are knowledgeable in how to handle personal information.
  • When collecting personal information, we tell people how we will use it (see below)
  • We have systems in place that enable us to respond to requests for the personal information we hold efficiently.
  • We have systems designed to keep records of people's personal information up to date and don't keep it any longer than is needed.
  • We have measures in place to keep the personal data we hold safe and secure.

Why is there a need to collect personal data?

Information like emails and passwords are stored to keep data more secure and to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. The website uses email addresses and passwords to authenticate against records when using many features on the website. Statistical information is collected to help monitor the performance of the website and understand how it is being used. No personally identifiable information is used for these particular purposes.

How information is collected

Directly: Some data is collected directly from registration and other forms on the website.

From other files: Like many other sites, uses Session Cookies. Session Cookies are tiny files temprarily stored on your computer that are used to make the website work the way it was designed. They expire, and become obsolete whenever a visitor leaves the website. No personally identifiable information is held in the Session Cookies used. Put simply, they do not contain personal data that can be cross-referenced to any particular individual.

Who uses it?

As well as officially authorized administrators, some data will be shared (with your permission) with other authorized individuals, for example to provide the opportunity for authorized users to contact each other or participate in a particular community or network.


If you use, you can modify and delete data from our records simply by following the links to the forms to edit or remove data. Simply put, we help you to stay in control of your data by providing a free data management facilities online.

Opting out

Permission to collect information is given when you use the website. If you choose to stop using this website at any time, this will only apply to the information stored about you on this system. If you have provided information to us which has since been forwarded on to someone else, (eg. as part of a joint working project), then these are normally independent of these opt out procedures and cannot be changed through this website. In this case you will have to contact the individual or organization concerned about your data.

Keeping your information secure

Practical measures have been taken to protect against loss, destruction, damage, unauthorised accesss, or unlawful processing of data. There are risks associated specifically with online activity and in terms of physical security, including authentication, encryption, data backups, detection, investigation and reporting of any suspicious activity, here some of the ways your information is protected:-

Systems are password protected and professionally administered
Only administrators and trusted service providers have access to our systems, and then only if they need it for a specific authorised task
The computers on which information is stored are kept secure by a number of different measures provided in a professionally managed data centre

All reasonable precautions are taken to protect your information, but data can never be guaranteed 100% secure. If the system is compromised in some way, before data is removed then data may be revealed but thankfully, such an event is generally considered highly unlikely. Please note that use of this website is entirely at your own risk and no person will be held liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using this website.

If you have any queries, or for more information about privacy or security matters, then please contact the system administration team by raising a ticket.

This website includes links to other sites which may not be reputable so you should satisfy yourself as to their integrity before following any links to external websites.

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