BioCarta: A Social Production

If you'd like to send information for publication or make an enquiry about any of the work here, you can get in touch by Email, Twitter or Facebook.

If you'd like to stay up to date without having to revisit the website, there are a number of useful options on the Latest Changes page.

There is also a non-specific, low volume newsletter about the BioCarta initiative here.

If you'd prefer to contribute directly to the website by:

  • uploading your own research in the form of text, documents, media files or links
  • make a suggestion for improvement
  • start a new topic or subject area for research
  • correct an error

…it's really easy.

This website uses simple markup language, which means no knowledge of web code is needed and the site won't break if you make a mistake!

If you'd like to use this self-service facility all you need to do is register. Your personal details are kept private and it only takes a few seconds.

You can modify or delete your account and any personal information at anytime.

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