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# ID Title
1biocarta:glossary:sacred-languageSacred language
2biocarta:glossary:start8: Glossary
3biocarta:glossary:yoga-sportsYoga Sports (or Sport Yoga)
4biocarta:m1:blood-pressureDo relaxation techniques and yoga lower blood pressure?
5biocarta:m1:case-yoga-healthcareDRAFT: Yoga in Healthcare: Risks and Rewards
6biocarta:m1:minds-bodies-technologyThe need for non-proprietary systems post-WannaCrypt cyberattack
7biocarta:m1:orthography-and-definitionsYoga: What Can it Mean, for Speakers of Modern English?
8biocarta:m1:standards-and-their-storiesStandards and Their Stories
9biocarta:m1:standards-not-standardsStandards, or not?
10biocarta:m1:yoga-in-practiceYoga in Practice (Book Review)
11biocarta:m1:yogatrailYOGATRAIL: On Trial
12biocarta:m2:mat-witts:startMat Witts
13biocarta:m2:mat-witts:trippingonconcreteTripping On Concrete
14biocarta:m2:start2: Introduction
15biocarta:m3:data-latitude-yoga-tutorAn essay on the lack of datalogical latitude for the role of yoga tutors
16biocarta:m4:are-we-here-yetAre We Here Yet?
17biocarta:m4:start4: Theory
18biocarta:m4:theorizing-standardsTheorizing Standards
19biocarta:m4:travelling-lessTravelling less: a review of bodily practice in transcultural perspective
20biocarta:m5:start5: Desired Results
21biocarta:m5:un-yogaUN Yoga
22biocarta:m6:start6: Epilogue
23biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:apprenticeship-frameworkEdited Extract from Apprenticeship Framework Live List - 1 June 2016
24biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:big-uk-yoga-surveyComment: The Big UK Yoga Survey (BUYS)? We Don't Buy It
25biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:bwy-ngbBWY rejects ‘National Governing Body’ advertising tagline
26biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:dcms-yogaDepartment for Culture, Media and Sport Lottery Grants
27biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:misinformationA Crystal Balls Up: National Occupational Standards... in 2005!
28biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:nos-double-visionWARNING: The BWY's NOS May Cause Double Vision And Cardiac Effects!
29biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:nos-resistance-tacticsBecause resistance (so far) has been futile
30biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:nos-transitional-arrangementsNOS Development: Transitional Arrangements (2017)
31biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:register-training-organizationsThe Register of Training Organisations
32biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:reps-insuranceREPs UK Insurance Information
33biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:ssaSector Subject Areas (SSAs)
34biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:timeline-projectTimeline: Yoga in Britain (1619 -1995)
35biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:ukrlpThe UK Register of Learning Providers
36biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:vet-brexitYoga tutoring futures, post-brexit
37biocarta:m7:british-map-yoga:yoga-for-backsWatch your back! (NICE Work)
38biocarta:m7:start7: Appendices
39biocarta:m7:un-yoga:indian-time-use-surveyTIME USE SURVEY - CLASSIFICATION USED IN THE INDIAN TIME USE SURVEY
40biocarta:m7:un-yoga:yoga-dayUNreliable Assemblies: The UN International Day of Yoga
41biocarta:m7:yoga-from-indiaYoga From India (MP3 Podcast)
42placemaker:helpHints and tips
43placemaker:verify-pinHOW TO: Verifying a pin
44playground:changesLatest Changes
45purpleportal:world-mapWorld Map
46sponsorship:communitiesSponsoring communities of interest
47sponsorship:search-resultsSponsoring search results
49sponsorship:the-exchange:background1. Background
50sponsorship:the-exchange:future3. Futures
51sponsorship:the-exchange:how-it-works2. How it works