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PlaceMaker is an online tool, or Web App.

What emerge are geographies of experimental participation that perform and disclose inventive ways of thinking within the myriad spaces where affective capacities of bodies are modulated through moving. McCormack, Derek P., Refrains for Moving Bodies: Experience and Experiment in Affective Spaces (2013)

Take a look at how the site is shaping up already.

  • Save places online and access them from anywhere at any time through map based visualizations, resource pages and links.
  • Share your own places with map pins in just a few clicks.
  • View the most relevant maps connecting your places with other people.
  • Easily share via email, facebook or twitter.
  • Connect to other places to build new collections.
  • Search and organize your places while keeping private things private!
  • All of this is completely free


  • Free to add unlimited pins
  • Integrated in wider marketing and data analysis work enhancing visibility across the internet
  • Fully customizable, add personal data to suit
  • Secure, only registered users can make changes