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If you already have your details on an online directory or a location map on your blog or web pages, great! but converting to an open data system like allows other organizations to include your data into their services (directories, registers, websites, App's and many other creative ways) while you stay in control of the underlying data.

We've made switching to an Open Data system easy with open data web portal.

Organizations simply have to:

  1. Register
  2. Enter data on a simple spreadsheet
  3. Upload it

All it takes is a few lines of code and a few minutes to install a dynamic and useful map on any web page for visitors.

If you are an individual looking to build your own map with your favourite locations, the Storyteller APP will most likely be better for you.

The best way to get started is to simply register at the open data web portal or tell your own story.


This could save your organization significant development and maintenance costs especially if there is little or no technical expertise in-house or without any time or on a limited budget to target resources on building bespoke software.

  • Installs in a matter of minutes on all websites
  • No advanced programming skills required
  • No costly web design or maintenance costs


In the fast changing world of the internet, website administrators and visitors are expecting to be able to retrieve the information they want in an easy to use way.

Using the Map

Your visitors are likely to be already familiar and comfortable with how to use interactive maps online.

Visitors simply interact with the map by clicking and holding to drag the map around, and zoom in easily by using the plus and minus control button in the top left of the map view or by scrolling with the mouse once the map has been activated with another user control.

Clicking on a pin displays pop-ups (which can be customized) for each pin.

Installing the Map (Basic, Quick Install)

It contains just a few lines of code and can be implemented instantly by any relatively inexperienced technical person to give members of an organization extra visibility online (especially those who don't have a website or blog of their own).


The map is also fully configurable and customizable rapidly. The pin pop-ups are fully customizable with some expert programming and could direct visitors to a directory listing on the same site, or a website, or an events page…or a contact form… anything really.

Cost and licence terms

At the moment organizations can register and add data freely to the open data portal.

Organizations can embed a free, basic map, (without any customization) to use on their own website- again for zero cost.

Customization of maps and additional services are charged at an affordable rate for non-profits. Please ask for a free estimate to meet your exact requirements.

Additional development work to integrate with electronic payments of other applications can also been carried out affordably and rapidly if required.

Further Ahead

Special extensions, plugins and widgets may also be developed for popular web packages such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla.

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