Avoiding the reproduction of time-wasting conditions that affect us is a key challenge. At the moment, the power and influence of the United Nations system when it comes to mediating influential and authoritative information structures for economic and market data at the highest level of global governance is unmatched.

BioCarta proposes improvements to the UN family of classifications which are at the forefront of policy making, standards setting and other work connected to mind-body enfranchisement around the world.

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Nearly two hundred governments around the world and countless institutions rely on the UN system for data collection, statistical analysis, policy making and standard setting.

The main aim is for all organizations that follow the UN classification system to change their current policies and activities, and to bring the mission to heads of various international, and national organisations, standards organizations and the media.

To achieve this aim BioCarta is pressing for change on global, national and local levels to support new initiatives in a number of practical ways:

  • Collecting reliable data
  • Curating reliable research
  • Validating and checking work
  • Liasing with the UN, (and other international organizations e.g. UNESCO, ILO, EU…)
  • Liasing with national governments, authorities and standards organizations

Additional work lobbying the UN, other large organizations, governments and getting as much media exposure as possible demonstrates to the UN, to governments and the media that the public in general deserve a community unencumbered by the results of the UN's arbitrary classification system.

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