ii) PurplePortal

PurplePortal is an Open Data Web Portal for geographical locations that are:

  1. Accessible to the public
  2. Connected to personal, bodily experience1)

They could be:

  • A viewpoint of an area of outstanding natural beauty;
  • A mix of natural and cultural features in the landscape, (e.g. a public work of art, or a heritage site); or
  • An occupied place (including people) used for a variety of activities, e.g. a retreat centre, gymnasium, holiday resort, temple or community hall

The relationship between human activity and space is a complex one. […] social and individual life takes place, yet is not easy to identify the clear edge between when our activities dictate how our environment should – or could – be designed, and when our environment defines how our activities occur. Wash Ivanovic, Glen, 'People as Place-Making Coordinate: A Methodology for Visualizing Personal Spaces', Frontiers of Architectural Research (2014)

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Take a look at how the site is shaping up already.

Affects include moods, atmospheres and a wide variety of social interactions and encounters
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