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Ethical policy

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In response to the ethical awareness framework developed by the UK and Ireland Technical Consultancy Group (TCG)1)

Main Aim

The main purpose for collecting data is to establish new communities of interest and practice using geographical location data contributed by users.

Using data to improve participation and cooperation between organizations and individuals is also consistent with the main aim and purpose. is a completely voluntary (self-selecting) system with no regulatory interests.


The amount of data to be collected is strictly controlled by participants. Other than the absolute minimum necessary in order to effectively authenticate users and protect data from unauthorized access makes no judgements about the amount of data individuals or organizations should supply, it's a completely voluntary system with lots of opportunities to opt out at any time. See the information on privacy.


The sources of data are the individuals and organizations themselves. makes no judgements about what is appropriate, authoritative, reliable in these circumstances, other than to comply with it's obligations under law.

Freedom and Choice

The data is collected and published on the principles of Open data.

This means that everyone may own whatever stories and insights the data can provide.

How each individual or organization chooses to use the data is none of our concern.

Our only responsibilities and obligations concern the protection and provision of data using the systems we directly control and manage according to the permissions given by the users themselves and otherwise only to to disclose information (in exceptional cases) to comply with legal information requests from authorized third parties.

Playing Fair

The data collected is available openly, so the results will depend on how individuals and organizations respond to the opportunity. We continue to design, develop and deploy applications that meet the needs of large, multinational companies, governments, practitioners and private citizens and so equity has been devolved to the users themselves.

Respect and Consideration

We hope that by empowering users to distribute data themselves, rather than rely on centralized directories and registers, all the visualizations of the various communities and networks will improve awareness, data collection methods and lead to better statistical analysis. This should feed into better applications and better innovation for the people that are most interested in seeing their own interests, communities and networks develop over time.

Access Permissions and Accountability

Please read this: important privacy information.

As an independently registered and regulated Community Interest Company the primary sponsor of the project is legally obliged to ensure the system is run for the benefit of the community and not for private advantage.

The company is also registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioners Office in the UK.

Chessell, Mandy, Ethics of Big Data and Analytics (IBM, 2014) <> [accessed 3 March 2016]

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