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YUJ IT Informatics is the name of the agile1) agency also behind the web development of a number of Micro to medium-sized, voluntary and non-profit organizations. (Yes, we're one too)

You can use email to send us your queries and support questions.

You will already find us on:

  • Twitter (Not ideal, we're looking for an alternative)
  • We don't like Facebook, but we're there at the moment
  • We are also looking for a better alternative to YouTube

Our telephone number is: (+44)-(0)138-686-0375 (24 hour voicemail) Local rate call charges applies for UK. Standard international call charges will apply for visitors calling from outside UK.

  • Entire ICT ensembles: Working the best way for everyone, including the volunteers and admins
  • Information architecture, strategy and data modelling: Adaptable and resilient for the real world and for the years ahead
  • Secure data: Stay safe and compliant
  • Everything working: The way the users want (Yes, we ask them!)
  • Intuitive priorities: Stop everyone getting bogged down in bureaucracy and duplicating simple tasks
  • Integrated and self-consistent: Social networks flowing alongside your main website and aims

Just send us an email and we'll get on to it right away!

Website extensions for appointments, events booking, entire client relationship management systems, secure e-commerce sites, newsletters, easy to use online archival and retrieval systems, map visualizations and many other affordable, customized applications are all fair game for us.

We always recommend FOSS
Popular web package deployment Extending and customizing Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, CiviCRM, (TWiki/Doku/Fos)Wiki, Concrete5, phpList, OSCommerce, Zen Cart, agile, VCS
User Interface (UI/Frontend) design Prototyping, customization and deployment with (X)HTML(5), CSS(2-3), (Cake)PHP, JavaScript/jQuery and Bootstrap
Copy editing and web (development) editing Articles, FAQ's, knowledgebases and research reports
Geographic Information Systems Prototyping and developing GIS
Application Programming Interface (API) development Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple Developer and Amazon
Information architecture Designing data models that work in the real world
Systems administration Building and extending with Linux (Centos / Ubuntu / SUSE…), Apache, Tomcat, Java and (My)SQL(i)
Security and performance patching Troubleshooting, optimization and hardening mailservers, webservers, gameservers for production


YUJ IT rhymes with budget.

YUJ IT means connect it or link it.2)3)

.it is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Italy but because it is also the English word it and an abbreviation for Information Technology, it is commonly used for domain names such as, or
This is not an original concept. In Vedic Sanskrit, yuj takes a broad range of meanings from employ, use, apply and perform to link, couple, unite, seal, and diligence.
Sanskrit is the primary culture-bearing language of India, with a continuous production of literature in all fields of human endeavour over the course of four millennnia… constituting the largest cultural heritage that any civilization has produced prior to the invention of the printing press.Huet et al, Sanskrit Computational Linguistics / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence