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…in the art of remembering, the mere mention of the places instantly recalls the things… we must find the location… Aristotle (Topics)

This is the documentation for Amazing Places. It is free to use, fully searchable and editable by you, the reader.

Amazing places is about connecting geographical locations to personal, bodily experience.

It's made up of three main systems.

Free? Aimed at? Designed for? How do I get started? Techncial description
PlaceMaker YES Individuals, entrepreneurs, practitioners and members of the public Private and public use Make a place Progressive Web App
PurplePortal YES Staff administrators in organizations and groups, researchers Public use View data Open Data Web Portal
BioCarta YES General readership Public use Read more Online Journal

The primary funding source of Amazing Places is YUJ IT Informatics, a CIC that develops and hosts it with sponsorship from people like you who read the documentation and use the technology.