YUJ IT rhymes with budget.1)

We like to use YUJ IT as a verb - think connect or link.2)

But YUJ IT's not only that, we're also a Web APP development agency offering free tools and an open data web portal for communities.3)

Why are you doing all this stuff?

The big idea is to improve the collection and transfer of information.

Computer communication is revolutionizing modern society… as the invention of writing or the printing press have unsettled the archaic or the ancient society… Steffen Roth

The project is funded primarily from offering value added technical services and from a tiny share scheme.


YUJ IT is run by a privately funded community research and development enterprise, independently regulated and officially registered as a community interest company with a small workforce mainly based in the United Kingdom. YUJ IT is sponsored and supported by individuals and other small organizations from all over the world.

YUJ IT Product Sheet

Download YUJ IT Product Sheet

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1) .it is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Italy but because it is also the English word it and an abbreviation for Information Technology, it is commonly used for domain names such as play.it, write.it or make.it.
2) This is not an original concept. In Vedic Sanskrit, yuj takes a broad range of meanings from employ, use, apply and perform to link, couple, unite, seal, and diligence
3) In addition to the distinction between [Community of Practice] (CoP) and other types of organizational groupings found in the workplace, in some cases it is useful to differentiate CoP from Community of Interest (CoI). Wikipedia contributors, Community of practice, Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 23 July 2016, 00:00 UTC, <https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Community_of_practice> [accessed 16 August 2016]