mat witts

Some of my blog posts, articles, essays and pamphlets (mainly about yoga) are in my archive, my library is here. I'm saving my my vanity blog for tomorrow 8-)

  • 10+ years: Systems and User Interface (UI) design, development and deployment with Linux (Centos / Ubuntu / SUSE…), Java, Tomcat… (X)HTML(5), CSS(2-3), (My)SQL(i), (Cake)PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, Bootstrap and (Geo)JSON
  • 7+ years mailserver, webserver and database security and performance troubleshooting, optimization and hardening.
  • 6+ years working with Application programming Interfaces (API's) from all the usual suspects: Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple Developer and Amazon.
  • 5+ years working with many popular web packages: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, CiviCRM, (TWiki/Doku/Fos)Wiki, Concrete5, phpList, OSCommerce, Zen Cart… and probably a few others.
  • 3+ years with GIS and VCS.