mat witts

Don't know me?

I'm an independent researcher and (sort of) the founding systems director at YUJ.IT Webservices.

I am best solving problems on my own initiative, or as part of a small team of non-technical or inter-departmental co-workers and volunteers.

When I'm not working I'm probably either being a tough friend for folk who probably aren't in the market for one or messing about with my vanity blog, but I really don't mess about anywhere near as much as I used to ;-) email

 Free Software Foundation Europe Fellow  Free Software Foundation Member

  • Expert (10+ years) knowledge of systems and network administration for Linux
    • (X)HTML(5), CSS(2-3), (My)SQL(i), (Cake)PHP, JavaScript/Angular/jQuery, Bootstrap and (Geo)JSON
    • Mailservers, Webservers: Apache, Tomcat… and SQL database servers
  • Expert (8+ years) knowledge of API's from all the usual suspects:
    • Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple Developer and Amazon.
  • In-depth (5+ years) knowledge of many popular web packages:
    • Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, CiviCRM, Wiki, Concrete5, phpList, OSCommerce, Zen Cart and a few others
  • Knowledge (5+ years) of network and system security and performance issues
  • Knowledge (3+ years) of GIS and VCS

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